Becoming a Breakthrough Seeker: Learn to Grow on Command

Getting a Breakthrough: 3 Tips that Will Work for You Today

Breakthrough Seeker:
A person who strategically, passionately, and consistently seeks sudden, dramatic and transformative discoveries.
Breakthroughs happen when you say “eureka!, “never again” or “I will commit to this forever.” Breakthroughs are marked by unusually high levels of performance, where old limitations are left behind.

Have you ever noticed that some people have one breakthrough after another in their lives? It’s not luck. It takes both skill and a commitment to the ongoing habit of seeking a breakthrough. Below find three things you can do to become a breakthrough seeker, and to consistently achieve breakthroughs in your life.

1. Intend to Break Through and Push It:

It sounds simple, but it’s required. It’s easy to settle for what you have or your current level of performance. See yourself achieving and becoming more. What’s the result? Get specific. While keeping that breakthrough image in your mind, train, study, prepare and plan harder and more passionately than ever before. And then, repeat.

2. Develop Agility and Learn to Surrender:

You might have tried pushing and pushing toward your breakthrough, but it’s as if the universe is pushing back on you, or you’re not getting anywhere. Progress is not always attained by flexing straight muscle. Acknowledge your current level of growth and learn the lessons of the day. Even if you fail to reach a short-term breakthrough goal, don’t miss the opportunity to embrace the moment and learn from where you are.
Remember, the Tortoise beat the Hair due to steadfast unwavering commitment. Perseverance towards a breakthrough includes knowing when to go slow, fast, turn, bend, bridge, or redirect. Develop a “check in system” or otherwise known as time for reassessment of your current plan. Is the former plan still your best option? You must develop an agility to assess, reroute and ultimately surrender to a better way in achieving your goal.

3. Create Visual Anchors for your Breakthrough:

Habits drive change. What we focus on, we become. Literally, create visual anchors to propel you toward breakthrough. Place that picture, that reminder, that trigger on your computer screen, your bathroom mirror, on a list in your phone, on the dashboard of your car, or all of the above. The more you remind your brain about what you’re after, the better likelihood you will manifest a breakthrough.

Follow these three tips and become an active and dynamic breakthrough seeker… To read more about becoming a breakthrough seeker in leadership and life, share with friends, post your response, and stay tuned for more to come.

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Becoming a Breakthrough Seeker: Learn to Grow on Command

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