What Our Clients Say

Kathy , CEO – High-Tech

Thank you Allyson Mallah and E3! I became a much better leader and we dramatically improved our talent development and retention strategies!

Allyson has helped my company with culture analysis, executive coaching, and the creation of talent retention strategies resulting in outstanding, rapid-result improvements to the overall human performance of our business. She knows how to help a company find their purpose, create a culture of high performing teams, and develop personal leadership abilities that maximize effectiveness! Thank you Allyson Mallah and Everest Edge Enterprises!

Heather. Director of Sales, Americas – Consumer Goods

Our leadership has been optimized! The work was thought provoking and insightful!

Allyson has been thought provoking and insightful and has helped us work through some very tumultuous times. She works with a team of experts in guiding and optimizing leadership while helping others find untapped growth possibilities.

Edi, Managing Director, Switzerland – Aerospace

Outstanding coaching and mentoring!  E3 helped me improve as a leader and learn to manage conflict, focus on growth, and lead the change process!

Allyson was a great coach and mentor! She was able to guide me to my own strengths and make me reflect on my weaknesses. We went into all areas of my personality as well as into the hard facts of business such as leading change and managing conflict. This work allowed me to meet my goals, and surpass them.

Cynthia, Trust manager and Senior VP – Banking

Committed, passionate, caring, and insightful!

While working with Allyson, I gained a great deal of insight into what mattered most to me and things I needed to accomplish to achieve desired goals. She truly cares about her clients and is very passionate about her work. Allyson will push you to do things outside of your comfort zone, which is often the only way to grow. I highly recommend Allyson as a committed, knowledgeable and driven coach who can help you with both your personal and business goals.

Jay, VP of Flight Operations – Aviation

Breaking paradigms, pushing through comfort zones, and finding new levels of effectiveness!  Thank you E3!!

Allyson has provided a great coaching atmosphere. She does not allow me to accept comfortable and continuously challenges me to find actionable goals, many of which fall outside of my own comfort zone. She remains engaging, objective and interested in my development as a person as well as in business and leadership. In my work with Allyson I’ve been able to more effectively understand how my personality influences my reactions and my communication, and how I can better engage with my team and others when issues of conflict arise. As a result of our work, I’ve been able to achieve much stronger relationships with my team and my superiors.

Paula, Director of HR- Biotech

We love the leadership training!!  Great training and outstanding, growth-oriented feedback provided!!

I highly recommend Allyson as a coach and facilitator. At Biotronik, Allyson conducted a leadership development program for the middle to senior level management of our organization. She provides deep and insightful feedback to create greater self-awareness for her clients, and is authentic and genuine in her delivery. She is adept at working with a variety of people and learning styles.  She also truly cares about her clients, and is a great pleasure to work with.

Alycia, Business Owner – Media

I discovered hidden leadership talents, inspiration, wisdom, and a new and confident executive presence!  I highly recommend Allyson Mallah and E3!

Allyson is a true professional coach. She helped to discover my talents and cultivate a presence to take my performance to the next level. She helped me learn to lead with grace under pressure and maintain my executive presence. Allyson has also helped me define my ultimate career vision and develop actionable steps to getting there. She makes sure that our work is in alignment with what I find deeply fulfilling and true to my personal value system. Allyson is patient, encouraging and kind and has inspired a better version of my own professional performance.  Thank you so much, Allyson Mallah and E3!

Vince, Principal and VP – Architecture

So much more growth than I ever expected!  What an amazing experience!

Allyson coached me professionally over the course of a year. Over that time period I learned more about myself both professionally and personally that allowed me to grow in ways I had not considered. She greatly assisted in changing how I communicated with my staff, peers, and upper management. In addition, she helped me embraced how my personal life effected my professional life. It was a great experience! I highly recommend Allyson!!!

Casey Reason, Ph.D., CEO – Highpoint Learning

Outstanding! E3 is working at a best-in-class level of leadership engagement.

Allyson uses research-based, quantitative measures in combination with highly impactful, best-practice approaches to improving human performance.  In collaborating with her and evaluating her processes, I observe that E3 is bringing coaching and human capital management to a much higher level with an amazing combination of strategic quantitative assessment and analysis with highly impactful qualitative growth.  E3 is working at a best-in-class level of leadership engagement.

Florian, Manager – Aviation

Allyson Mallah was a great coach!  She brought a flexible, fun, open-minded coaching approach that allowed me to manage my international business approaches and grow to become a better leader with my very diverse team of peers and colleagues.  Allyson has great technical expertise, undergirded by a great personality with empathy and commitment.  I hope to be coached by her again and recommend her without hesitation!

Allyson built a trustful environment so that it was easy for me to open up to her very quickly. All coaching sessions were productive and always included some sense of humor – we laughed a lot. 

I was able to personally grow and understand different character types; it was much easier thanks to Allyson’s flexible and open-minded coaching approach. Since I’m not an US national, Allyson helped me greatly to understand differences in culture and how this affects my management style in the day-to-day environment.

Allyson helped me to learn about different character traits by giving me the tools and the possibility to discuss real-time experiences I discovered with my team. Her expertise in correlation with those discussions we had, helped me a lot to understand certain actions and reactions of my team members, peers and leaders.

I would love to work with Allyson again anytime and I can fully recommend her, not just from a coaching standpoint, but also as a great personality with essential empathy and commitment she brings into the coaching sessions.”

Mani, Director – Education

She has a compassionate, logical and inspiring approach that anyone would benefit from.

Allyson helped me to decipher my professional and personal goals and, more importantly, how to take the next step toward working toward those goals. Having her insight helped me realize areas of opportunity in my schedule and priorities that could be adjusted to make room for my goals. I would recommend Allyson to anyone seeking a way to begin a new chapter in their professional or personal life.

Sunil, Principal Engineer – Biotech

I strongly recommend Allyson as leadership coach.

Allyson was part of the coaching team for the leadership at Biotronik/MSEI and I was very impressed with the presentation materials and hand-on approach that Allyson provided to various aspects of coaching and leadership. I have employed a few techniques to improve the personnel reporting to me.

Chad, Principal – CPA Firm

Allyson genuinely cares that I get what I have set out to accomplish and I trust her because of it.

I engage in executive coaching with Allyson and continue to reach new heights. She has helped me with time-management, handling conflict, and has helped me to pro-actively pursue tough conversations both professionally and personally. This has resulted in deeper, more powerful, and trusting business and personal relationships. Allyson has a great ability to cut to the heart of the issue, prioritizing what’s most important, and then gets me to take action on moving forward.

Matt, Manager – Moving & Logistics

I would highly recommend Allyson’s services, her skills and knowledge will provide an immediate benefit to any organization or individual. Her advanced techniques were a refreshing change of pace and were pivotal in understanding both my strengths and weaknesses.

She effectively outlined a plan to improve my growth and development within our company and in just a short period of time, Allyson helped me become a better employee, better manager and better person overall.

Carrie, COO – Architecture and Construction

I strongly endorse Allyson Mallah.

I’m extremely grateful for my inspiring work with leadership coach, Allyson Mallah.  As a leader, Allyson has helped me to achieve powerful, positive results.  As a result of her influence, I’m also more confident in my ability to be an influencer. Furthermore, my style and approach to leading has also dramatically progressed thanks to her. Each coaching session is focused and deals with real issues with opportunities to implement what I’ve learned.