Leadership is the cornerstone of success.

Our leadership coaching uses state of the art assessments and the most recent coaching techniques to provide maximum impact for the leaders we serve.

We guide leaders to expand their capacity and mindset in order to lead in today’s transformative business environment.

Executive Coaching

When it comes to creating next level innovations, leaders face numerous difficult and costly challenges.

Can you imagine a star athlete or your favorite professional team playing without a coach? What if your favorite team simply decided not to have a coach at all? Do you think they would have a very good chance of being successful? Coaching matters.

Strategic highly effective coaching has a significant impact on a businesses’ profitability by helping everyone in the organization get to the next level in their work and their lives. The financial investment made by the leaders and their teams is minimal in comparison to the return on investment in profitability and performance.

We at Everest Edge Enterprises’ strive to give every client “the edge.” That edge is the wisdom and insight to deliver leadership breakthroughs that take organizations to the next level. Every business is better when they are striving to get, and keep, their edge.

We provide coaching programs for:

– C-Suite Executives

– Senior Leadership (Vice Presidents and Director level)

– High-Potential and Emerging leaders

Everest Edge Enterprises’ certified coaches empower your people to meet their potential and to maximize their contribution.

Why Coaching?

High performers in all walks of life know that natural ability is never enough. Guidance and coaching are required. Coaches help us to operate at peak performance levels, show us how to prepare for a new challenge, work at our side to help us overcome potentially derailing slumps, and they help us understand how to build habits to improve outcomes every day. High performers all know that coaching matters in pursuit of excellence.

In the last 20 years leadership coaching has become popular because there is a recognition that the performance of leaders has a significant, cascading impact on the organization. Gone are the days wherein leaders would go to school, receive a certificate or degree, and then hope that learning applies moving forward. Coaching is powerful because it provides an opportunity to learn in real time and to apply the learning immediately on the job.

Our leadership coaching work goes far beyond competencies-based training. It works because it aligns our clients with what matters most to them, their values, and supports them in living and leading powerfully with their unique gifts, talents and strengths.