Protect your brand and do right by your people.

Change happens. The process that an organization establishes when dealing with layoffs, downsizing, terminations and reassignments can have a significant impact on their overall success.

The key to a successful human capital strategy is remembering relationships matter and that as companies evolve, needs change but the values and ethics that hold the organization together must be maintained.

Regardless of the reason for the change, whether it be that the company merges, market conditions shift, people’s personal motivations change, or the leader just wasn’t the right fit, what you need to know is that when it is necessary to change the relationship, your other employees, your clients and partnerships will be paying very close attention to how the change is managed.

This is the key to our consulting work in that we keep the values and ethics of an organization in mind when helping to execute these strategic human capital services. Our team provides expert guidance to allow for a smooth transition in each of these essential human capital endeavors.

Get Rewarded with Higher Profitability by Doing Right By Your People

Outplacement and career transition programs that are built to support employees is extremely important today. Your employees understand that in some cases difficult human resources decisions must be made. It is essential, however, that they are executed in a humane and appropriate manner. This is important for your brand, and for the current employees who are watching and evaluating, should they be in the same position. What you do (or do not do) to support employees exiting your organization will have an impact. It matters.

A careless workforce reduction or employee termination could result in a domino-effect resulting in unwanted turnover, litigation, decreased productivity, and devastating results on your company and culture.
As a result, our E3 career transition efforts help both the exiting and current employees feel valued and recognize that they are working in an environment that is truly employee-centric and supportive. This leads to better feelings about the company, a better culture, and improved profitability.

Maintain Your Reputation

Protect your brand. E3 recognizes that when it comes to career transitions, the reputation of the company is at hand. Furthermore, your reputation becomes your brand and as a result, executing career transitions effectively has become a key strategic function that is of paramount importance. Our programs are designed to utilize our vast experience in this area to incorporate highly experienced and credentialed one-on-one career transition coaching experts working with quantitative psychometric assessments and extensive professional connections to support all transition activities.

When outplacement is a core component of your human capital strategy, trust will stay intact and your brand remains secured and respected. E3’s outplacement and career transition services also help organizations minimize exposure, risk and unnecessary cause associated with employee terminations. Our strategies and support allow our client organizations to protect themselves against wrongful termination, litigation and other costly results, which with the right support can be avoided. Let us partner with you in maximizing your human capital strategy.